iAbida.com is the pioneer in ICM for special people.  .  Our name - Abida means "father of knowledge" and we plan on providing this comprehensive knowledge base of communication among the caregivers for special people.   These caregivers can range from parents, teachers and babysitters for typical children to physicians, occupational therapists and speech therapists for special needs individuals.   We are dedicated to providing leadership - and solutions for organizations and caregivers who want to improve their communication ability.

Perhaps it is because the founders have experienced firsthand the need for a system such as iAbida in managing communications for caregivers, family members and administrators and want to share this with others.  Our solution is robust, yet rapid in implementing and gaining value from the application

iAbida was founded in 2004 by a team of software veterans and the parents of an autistic son.  This experience was the trigger for developing the iAbida application and an ongoing basis for product development and evolution

- Abigail Figueroa